Li Xinrong soft writing four strategies and techniques

soft is an important way to promote the network, a good soft Wen can achieve the desired effect. When your soft Wen is a large web site reproduced, you can easily create a brand, simply let the site traffic soared, the benefits of this propaganda do not say. When we write soft Wen, we must have a certain understanding of the product, consider how to attract readers, improve the quality of soft Wen, improve the readability is the best writing skills. Now I write about soft Wen skills and hype method.

1, story telling

soft like stories, beginning, must have happened and the results can attract readers, that is to say, must have the plot to give the reader a thought "in" the feeling of reading, the key techniques in the first paragraph.

2, the selling point of the article

when we write soft, pay attention to the selling point of the article. When we write, we must first ask yourself a question: "my article how to attract readers?" that is, why people will read your article? For example, why are you reading this? Because you want to learn how to write text. This is very important, if the lack of this article, it is not a good article.

3, title party

is very familiar with this topic, the title of the party is the title of the article is very attractive, but the content is often different from what you imagine, or beyond your expectations. This method is often reflected in some of the forum title, for example, we see a title in the world’s first mobile phone is not afraid of water". We will not hesitate to open the post, which is a picture, the picture is in the water of the phone is sealed by a plastic bag, so that it becomes a water is not afraid of the phone. Of course, our first feeling is the latest waterproof mobile phone, but also the world’s first, I believe you will be very curious to see what kind of. The results are not satisfactory, the feeling is a bit fooled, but in fact there is No. Of course, such a post or soft if there is more, it will be the people tired, so the proper use of the title party method is wonderful, but the title of the soft Wen must be able to attract the user’s eye.

4, reject URL

soft, we often take the web site, so that we can directly point or to increase external links, this is a simple method of soft wen. In fact, today’s highly competitive network, basically no one is willing to let you send a link with the soft. Because this is not only to allow the site to jump out of the high rate of advertising, but also increase the site’s junk content, so basically see links to articles will be deleted or blocked. In the soft text writing, our technique is to let the soft text without a web site, for example: "want to see the author more articles please search: Li Xinrong". Let’s go to Baidu to search, so that not only increase traffic, you can also increase the relevant search Baidu. Of course, if the third party perspective to write, the effect will be better.


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