Local forum alternative physical promotion

local forum early promotion of everyone in different ways, I personally started a local forum in early November, now has 1 months, although this time the forum and not much development, but I used the time to adjust and the next step for promotion.

in addition to the promotion of local forums in the Q group, post bar and other publicity, as well as activities and physical advertising. In a local forum to do a good job in the local investigation, you have to understand the local people, think of what they want to see their views, all planning should also be around the local people to develop.

said the following I operate the Pixian forum www.pi-xian.cn second step promotion plan – led by the magazine to promote

magazine here refers to the electronic magazine, I put it in the "physical" in the scope of the effect because it is not worse than the kind of propaganda, even better. Electronic magazine is better than any web site, articles, and even free shirts.

, a native of free electronic magazine enough to attract local netizens in each collection cover, open the post on the forum special solicitation each magazine cover, this character can be local familiar, can also be a local beauty, perhaps the people around you. So once published enough to let him around to show off to friends and family. This can play the effect I do not have to say it.

two, magazine and forum: I mean that the magazine column and forum related column combination, mapping. There seems to be no reason to do so, but careful you will find that this forum can improve the activity of the relevant sections.

, three magazines to the local tax net friend articles and photos: do not pay, as long as the magazine quoted can write so and so, high enthusiasm for submission many friends directly in the magazine pictures, and invite them when the forum invited writer, reporter.

magazine: in addition to writing the local news, others don’t have to write around the local. My magazine is designed in such a way that the first letter – Forum propaganda page – Magazine Theme (set a theme each issue) – magazine Directory – Magazine Theme – other columns – local columns – Health (finally put some health knowledge will be very warm) – back.

four, the last point is very important, it is necessary to combine with the forum, to guide the user to the forum, which we can own approach to do this can quickly increase the forum’s activity and viscosity.

as for the promotion of electronic magazine here is not much said, QQ group and paste it is enough. You go to a web site is likely to be T, and promote a local magazine will have your unexpected results, you have to understand, when you promote the magazine, but also the promotion of your site.

said the last place to pay attention to, the magazine cover to design. The perfect propaganda forum in magazines. Magazines should be able to reflect local customs

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