Micro blog easy Xu Yang social marketing into the second half

news December 15th, sponsored by the title of the 2016 Magic Horse Mobi venture entrepreneurs horse Community Conference held today in Beijing, micro-blog founder Xu Yang attended and delivered a keynote speech.

meeting, Xu Yang said that in 2017 there will be more capital into the video market, "we have seen the headlines today announced plans to support tens of billions, the number of short video producers. Youku potatoes also have a very large support IP program. All these signs of capital, are representative of the video era, you can not think of the fierce degree, began to come to this period."

In addition, Xu Yang also proposed two directions for the future of the video age: social video, social video


following Xu Yang speech content, I dark horse editor:

you are struggling, you want to do in the micro-blog community, or community in WeChat? It should be September to formal consideration, because all the data before September, whether micro-blog or WeChat, especially WeChat, we see it every day thriving data change. From the beginning of September, we saw a lot of WeChat’s grassroots account began to lose their fans, began to have some WeChat account transactions. This law, three years ago, appeared on the micro-blog.

2013 8, in September, when some people began to say in the QQ group, I have a large micro-blog need to transfer. When someone begins to sell their fixed assets, it represents the peak of a community era is coming.

so, when you are still entangled in the left hand micro-blog or the right hand WeChat, this era has been facing down gradually. This is our understanding of the community, the first era of micro-blog community, a lot of achievements of the enterprise, but also in terms of marketing has a very big change.

second phase is WeChat, this stage has also been a lot of business opportunities and models.

third stage, we call the circle of friends, the achievements of a very great career, the cause of my career, no matter what occasions will be respected, is the micro business stage. A lot of people understand what it is?. Everyone has a circle of friends, we see these people, we will pull him black, shielding, but you can not bear to delete him. As long as you do not delete, one day you will wet shoes to buy things. Because, it is not just to sell masks, and now we find that the largest volume of transactions is to sell second-hand housing, followed by selling second-hand cars, will appear in your circle of friends. An inattentive, you may resist the sale of a mask, and did not resist the sale of a used car, selling cars than selling ten thousand masks are cost-effective.

so, circle of friends is also a community, whether it is inside the circle, or in their own group of friends, is a community of mixed law.

in fact, in the circle of friends mixed good, very large gains. We have seen some people, very careful management of their own circle of friends, circle.

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