Four COM domain name registration will be stopped in the near future

four COM domain name registration in the halt yesterday, the 456976 of the four pure letter domain registration completed. Domain name registration go from here?


has recently been concerned to the 4 letters not pure domain name registration, about two weeks ago and more than 8 thousand unregistered four letter names, a week ago, there are still 1550 four pure alphabet domain name is not registered, but yesterday, the four letter domain name was registered after all pure.

on the last registered four pure letter domain name, but also I am bored, according to my observation, the last registered COM domain name of the 4 letter, it should be this. However, because of the domain name registration and DNS’s own time difference, may not be so accurate. All in all, there are still 6 of the 4 letter domain names registered in November 1st. In addition, in November 2nd, dropped out of a domain name:, if it is, then this is the last to be registered four pure letter domain name.

below cited data from foreign professional observation sites:

com: a domain name registration table

figure shows the number of four registered domain names ranging from. The data show that in 2005, the only remaining domain name registration, the latest figures are quite consistent, I think this is a good thing, there are no large speculators buying.


two: COM domain deletion and re registry 2007


in September as an example, the registration continues to grow at a regular pace. The new registration 7379; and the domain name was deleted only 2214, only this month makes the total number of the four pure letter COM domain name decreased by 5164. In short, the demise of the four letter is sure.

but we must remember that the actual value of four letters is not so large, or the COM domain by the first half of this year the total registered amount of more than 55 million what four letter to you yesterday the day before yesterday to register the registration? Chronologies clearly shows that all speculators at the end of 2001 and 2002 in the city (oneself combined with the environment and think about why), registered volume behind the stable, occasional increases are far lower than it. In addition, according to the official website of the five major domain names continue to test domain traffic, the amount of normal use is far lower than the actual registration.

domain name registration go from here? So what kind of domain name is worth it? (want to take this as a key but found in front has been written too much, Khan, the following is purely personal opinion.


: if you are going to do the investment domain, I will tell you is responsible, in the face of China domain market like the face of the 3000 point China stock market, speed up all. In the face of too arrogant Li Jiacheng had predicted the stock market, the mainland stock market is absolutely filled with foam, I won’t invest. Face >

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