Let traffic flow to reflect after 5000P

station experience less than a year, in front of your predecessors, I can only be regarded as a novice. Why write this article? On the one hand is to see the discussion of predecessors feel benefit a lot, with a grateful heart to share my opinion; on the other hand, many novice webmaster want their website can fire up overnight, traffic sprang up to high, feel the need to talk about their own experiences, don’t forget well, a guide for the future.

is a simple introduction to their own web site, in order to avoid the traces of advertising too heavy, not to say that the site address. Originally built in the site can only be regarded as a blog, record some free software use experience, the investigation of the site’s money flow, etc.. From the site on the line, I will pay attention to the details of the SEO, in addition to the establishment of a unique perspective, very lucky by the search engine and a number of professional blog of the favor (the text will be mentioned).


website for a good domain name, upload program time: November 23, 2006, add the first article is 24, to January 12, 2007, a total of 11 articles were added, the Google value of PR was 3, the flow has reached about 1200IP, the major search engines is good, the chain is more. And we do not do anything in the promotion of the premise (in fact, just learn the site we do not know how to promote the site).

everyone will ask, is this true? Is it possible that it is true? It does happen. In the promotion of the site can be so fast so good performance, I have to say from three aspects:

1, the website itself is very soft, describes our website function, purpose, ideas, and from the three perspective, my website is some features, the soft article published in diglog, reprinted more than 3000 times, then the chain basically is this the article is reprinted in different forums, blog and community accumulated;

2, the content of the site itself are all original, and we almost original articles on the Internet to find the same type and similar, there is a "free Jajah— real WEB version free phone (recommended)" which has a very strong representation, since the initial release when the article did not add their own links (experience), accurate statistics on how many people have been unable to reprint this article, but even a year now in the search engine directly search the full title, also can find 2~3 million articles. Even by the sky software park, the Chinese military software and other well-known sites reproduced (of course, did not get back links from them).

I think the two points above are for website promotion in the short term, paving the way for work (if let me summarize, a large number of external links, the massive reprint is essential for website promotion work ready before the start of


3, on the PR value, >

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