The fan why become a China nternet Corporation now

lead: watercress small fresh style has been questioned. Entrepreneur number out of 5 of the green paper company, see why art fan children can help them start to win the reputation and users, but ultimately dry but the grass root act undisguisedly.

What kind of

is now the most profitable Internet Co? Certainly answer: take the "grass root" line to be sure. You can see from the YY, unfamiliar street, to the beautiful, said, in recent years, away from the fire site are not this layer, can be described as grass root who in the world. But, but there is a group of young artists buxinxie, as a. This does not, in order to slow the company recently, little is known of fresh watercress, are not profitable after 9 years, had been questioned by fans, urging: can we not so light, can not be so old-fashioned, can speed up the mobile end users? And peers have to cross the river, why also slowly touch in bean stone? (read: "watercress most worried about 4 issues")

not only watercress, Internet arena in fact has always been no shortage of such companies in the green man battles. They have a founder or a literary youth, or at the minority groups, the field of communication is also limited to a specific range of users. But, unfortunately, the development process of these companies are less successful: some mergers and acquisitions "married to another woman"; some are difficult to continue to exit; as such, watercress, while accepting the urged the outside world and questioned, while looking for a way out……

entrepreneur number out of 5 such companies, let’s see, art fan children, why can help these companies start to win the reputation and users, but ultimately dry but the grass root act undisguisedly.

1 watercress: I really fame

creation time: March 6, 2005

founder and CEO: Yang Bo (North)

user size: 75 million registered users, PV2.3 million (2013)

to the user from the founder of employees, watercress this platform are attracted to the China young generation with the petty bourgeoisie lifestyle of young artists. Founder Yang Bo do not deliberately commercialization concept also allows watercress has been far away from the money, retains the creation of pure.

watercress commercial attempt, and also many dramas combined seamlessly as far as possible: pay watercress reading works shops, watercress movie movie tickets online seat selection feature, DouBan FM paid version of watercress FM Pro, and try something beans flap into business electricity supplier. Even the site’s advertising page design, but also carefully integrated with the entire site, so that advertising has become one of the contents of the site.

but the market for these do not seem to buy it, watercress or the slow art fan children company, founded 9 years has yet to gain profit; users or a group of young artists, they have been conditioned to be watercress otherworldly".