Domestic food menu interactive community of soybean fruit network was a grand investment of ten mill

China’s first and largest delicacy recipes discovery, sharing and exchange of interactive community bean fruit net announced yesterday that the grand success of the first round of financing, the amount of up to tens of millions of dollars, a delicacy interactive community industry the highest record of financing, but also for the first time on the grand delicacy industry investment.

bean fruit network founder, CEO Wang Yuxiang said that the financing will be mainly used for new product development, product user experience upgrades, as well as talent recruitment.

Wang Yuxiang revealed that the site community development and mobile client is currently the main focus of the main network of beans fruit network business two. Beans fruit network will be at the end of June new revision, the new bean fruit net pay more attention to the user experience, interactive communication and humanized service. By then, the bean fruit network will give users a new gourmet experience, while beans fruit network iPad client will be formally launched in July.

in the mobile client, bean fruit net in February this year launched the May launch of the Android client, iPhone client, at present two applications has been ranked first in the market application of all kinds of delicacy Android version, Download volume reached 1 million. Because of the convenience of mobile phones, bean fruit network is estimated in the second half of mobile phone users will increase by 5 times.

it is understood that the bean fruit network is shared by the interactive community delicacy Internet Product Manager Wang Yuxiang and Zcom 7K7K, former vice president Ms. Hong Zhu co founded, founded in early 2008, is way ahead in the same industry. This vertical food interactive community segments, the formation of the Internet food industry chain has also been favored by many investors.

various recipes to share the growing site. This trend has been evident in the foreign delicacy website, has been listed on the Tokyo stock exchange Cookpad Japan is one of the most popular delicacy of community website, the user provides nearly 600 thousand different recipes. In addition, the United States cookbook website giant Allrecipes has successfully operated for many years.

just won the grand million financing beans fruit net and foreign delicacy sites ideas most close to the site to share in the country, first introduced to communicate with users upload recipes as delicacy concept, vertical community, the user stickiness is higher than that of the traditional type of delicacy website. Wang Yuxiang introduction, as of mid June 2011, bean fruit network has nearly 100 thousand food members, users upload various original recipes to share more than 100 thousand.

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo said, completed billion dollars in financing in April this year, highlighting the life consumption market value, with the capital market on the vertical segments into the delicacy interactive community, its advantages will soon appear, delicacy interactive community is bound to become the next round of capital chasing hot.

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