The zoo again cited general take two Alibaba quietly ant Larry domain

renamed China ( November 8th hearing, according to the domain name Forum ( users broke the news, before the establishment of the ant financial services group in last month’s Alibaba, has quietly took the "ant" Larry domain and Ali zoo add a member!

diagram: whois information

October 16th, Alibaba’s ant financial services group was set up, the business encompasses many well-known brands including Alipay, the balance of treasure, etc.. At that time, "ant" domain name and so on are not displayed in the name of Ali, but in accordance with the traditional brand name protection of the brand, the acquisition is also a matter of time. Now renamed query whois information system, and have been changed to the holders of information Alibaba.

has (Tmall), (Rookie), (small shrimp) domain of the Alibaba, the acquisition of the two "ant".CN domain name, successfully for his introduction of a general Ali zoo. The only pity is that "ant" is the main domain name.Com as early as 2011, Ganji has been acquired, and on-line built ants short rental network.

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