The development of the new nternet media behind unpleasant death

November 1, 2013, the eighth annual summit held in the Kerry Hotel Pudong. In the "science and technology create the theme of change, enjoy the future of this summit iResearch collected from the Internet, the new economy, science and technology related industries front companies innovation leader, in order to gain insight into the thinking of innovation of science and technology, to discuss a hot topic in the industry, thinking about industry development prospects, to explore the future path and insight, together to promote the industry the change of development. The following is the topic "go fast or is dead" record:


Moderator: next we enter the interactive link, our host interaction is editor of the network operators in the world where the total. The first call in the discussion: Ying Sheng Zhongguo outdoor media agency CEO Tan Yunmeng; Asia Chairman Huang Tao; Ningzhe network founder Zhou Ning; popular network of national sales vice president Hu Yongrong; editor Zhou Zhao was.

he Xu Qi: because of the time, I went directly to the first question. From last year to this year, you feel the new media what changes, and why these changes?

Huang Tao: I think the media itself is a social media, in the new social environment, we have some differences in the role of the content, there are some differences in the understanding of the content. I think there is a concept, because there has been a lot of people on what is the concept of new media there is a vague understanding. What is the new media, not the new media, to meet what conditions? The first is a revolutionary change in the way of communication. Because today there are a lot of media is the traditional media, is not a one-way communication, interaction, communication cramming, the mode of transmission has not changed. Now there are many Internet in the continuation of the content on the Internet platform, there is no difference with the traditional mode of transmission of television, newspapers, the media is not the new media, this is the first must have the.

second, the media must have an audience, if your audience does not continue, there is no amount of audience size, this is not called the new media. Because we are now the audience is a fast and timely walk, today is not likely to come tomorrow, the audience continued to shrink there is no significance. For example, in Hongkong, if you have more than 5 thousand television and audience, the Hongkong government will give you an award called TV station.

third, to have an independent profit model, there is no independent profit model is not sustainable. We see a lot of websites can’t run long. So at the same time to meet the three conditions of the media is the new media.

because we have this audience changes, so that the media is around the audience as the core, the effect of what kind of media it is best? I can tell you a conclusion, outdoor media, the arrival rate is the highest. Why? In all new media, one of the same things you have to do is let people see it two times, very few, only the outdoor media is mandatory for you to see, and

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