Stationmaster net broadcast fortune China top 500 domestic companies will be listed on the O2O

1 post bar (a few contradictions) will give Baidu the future it hopes to do?  

search by Baidu to make money, but also has one of the longest stick Chinese Internet social products. But in the mobile Internet era, Baidu can not rely on it?

stick the best era has not yet come, I promise you will be more like the future." This is Robin Li’s debut in December 3, 2013 10 anniversary of Baidu Post Bar said a word, "Robin Li" identity, rather than Baidu CEO.

Robin Li mouth in the future stick it is stick mobile, which is his recent access to a variety of occasions are talking about Baidu’s mobile transformation. By the end of 2014, Baidu traffic from the mobile terminal for the first time more than the PC side, Baidu claims that it posted daily post 70% from the mobile terminal entrance. The first quarter of 2015, Baidu revenue from the mobile terminal accounted for more than 50% of the first time, but still rely on search, maps and other traditional advantages of products, does not include Baidu post bar.

2.2015 fortune China top 500 Alibaba released the first list of  

July 9th, fortune Chinese version released this year, China’s top 500 list, nearly half of the total revenue of nearly half of China’s GDP companies, Jingdong mall ranked highest in the list of Internet Co 500.

the top three ranking remains unchanged, Sinopec to 2 trillion and 800 billion yuan income to successfully defend the list, PetroChina, Chinese building in second and third.

ICBC ranking rose from one to fourth, China Mobile ranking fell to one to fifth. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to 275 billion 800 million yuan of profits, to become the most profitable companies on the list, even more than the United States in the top 500 of the most profitable Apple Corp, the latter profit of $39 billion 510 million (about 241 billion 800 million yuan).

3 inventory of domestic companies will be listed on the ten O2O: public comment, with the way travel……  

According to the

O2O industry map, an inventory of the ten domestic enterprises to be listed on the O2O, are public comment, Lacarra, nuoheng group, e net, car washing, Zhuge car lucky football, mother network, baby tree, LuxeHome delivery, with the way tourism.

O2O concept into China, to buy as a starting point, all walks of life began a wide range of O2O try. In this round of entrepreneurial tide, the majority of players in 2014 to get financing. And can not be avoided, in 2015, consumer complaints, funding strand breaks and other industry news can be heard without end. In the "list" of East China O2O project death spread of O2O, there are a number of leading enterprises through just a few.

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