2015 the 16 most common micro sales model

is very pleased to be able to witness the rise of micro businesses together in 2015, micro business team will become stronger and stronger, and ultimately more than Taobao. In this happy day, Shao Lianhu still have a lot of words and micro businesses who want to say


I’m sorry, I did not contact the Internet in the early days of e-commerce, contact Taobao. When a lot of people through the Taobao e-commerce has become a millionaire, I came into contact with Taobao, but it is time for Taobao to go downhill. I know that Taobao is good, but did not earn a lot of money by Taobao, but my heart was broken.

Taobao? General novice want to do e-commerce will almost always ask me this question. Taobao is good, because there is no Taobao, e-commerce development is not good, his Alipay will allow many users to buy you things. Taobao is not good, not good for you one day, or even a week did not want a customer consultation.

before Taobao as long as a good shop, do not need to promote every day someone to consult shopping. But now? Traffic was bought by wealthy people, we like a shop at a busy market, then these people are rich people spend money to send gifts or price to lure, our shop is no one to buy things.

I’ve always been a fan of Ma Yun, and I’ve been so foolish as to believe that there is no mall that will be more than Taobao. I feel like Taobao is my life, no one can replace it. However, since the rise of the mask in 2014, I was completely disappointed in myself. I feel that a new era of e-commerce is coming, and that is micro business.

these days, the major webmaster platform, micro-blog and other aspects of the micro Bo broke the news, they also agreed that in 2015 micro business will be very hot. Micro business ever since its birth there are a lot of people have different opinions about it. Some people think he is a pyramid scheme, some people think he is WeChat keeper. So, micro business in the end what is it?

micro business is what, such as Shao Lianhu blog will give you an analysis, just want to say something with some friends who want to venture in the internet. If you want to start a network, if you want to do e-commerce, if you want to use the network to sell their products. So, we can do a micro business in 2015, along the trend of e-commerce development.

said micro business, I have to give you analyze what is micro micro business? Business without a true definition, we can understand the use of the mobile phone platform sellers and we called micro business.

below to give you a summary of the 16 common micro business sales model:

1, WeChat

sellers circle of friendsWeChat

sellers circle of friends is one of our most common derivative sales model, they use the circle of friends every day WeChat released some goods, and have issued a series of many products, regardless of the user or not love, only the release of products.


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