Baidu news again revised classification plate more refined

February 26th hearing, Baidu news layout again revised, click on the news after the home page, the classification label made a new modification to enhance the ornamental.

in August 1, 2007 and November 13th, Baidu news has been two times to make changes in the right to increase the positive news "reports", click on the home page news is no longer directly into the target site, but Baidu page, increase popular reports, reports, pictures, the latest reported special viewpoint. The revision this year, in the different plates are added in different categories, such as Internet news into Internet news, dynamic, dynamic character, the bottom is the latest news of the entertainment sector; add entertainment news, star, film and television, the bottom is the latest news.

according to the reporter, Baidu access to news license, has been included in the major portals and small and medium sites for the direction of its news operations. In the search for news is also the contribution of other search engines can not match. Many websites from Baidu news cooperation has been the benefits of daily visits to the site doubled, users are more willing to use Baidu news on the line to search the latest reports. Baidu news builds the website, convenient reader, obtained very good public praise!

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