Adsense network transaction intermediary day trading volume exceeded 200 thousand

1 Adsense Trading Forum ( single day turnover exceeded 200 thousand. Are 100 thousand, respectively, 80 thousand. There are a few small.

2 again a few users compete for the purchase of a site. One aspect reflects the strong purchasing power of the forum, on the other hand, the seller is eager to sell, and would like to agree. After the proposal is similar to this case, the seller and the buyer quickly take the agreement. Verbal commitment period.

3 pairs of large and special transactions confidential, and hidden, just through the three party QQ dialogue, leaving the phone to deal with the three party.

4 has formed a relatively complete and secure trading system. QQ, forum, the machine, bank records four aspects of control, to ensure that the transaction is simple and safe. In the more than and 200 pen trading, no one missed. A transaction is a loophole only, claimed a $70 Alipay money. Liar Qian Chunxi gave the king a vivid lesson  

5 is currently the gathering of the forum marketing expert, executive power, the operation of the Trading Forum and promotion. (part-time job, interested parties directly contact QQ:470666)

6 if you or your friend, there is a question of the transaction, whether small to 100, or as large as the number of the rest of the rest of the world, to the king of to trade. Save time and effort. 1% intermediary fee, so that you remove the risk of all transactions.

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