Scenic marketing Wong Lo Kat enlightenment network public relations or can be used doctrine

network public relations with "ban Wang Laoji incident into the public eye. If not the industry insider revealed, it is very difficult for us to know this to Wang Laoji brought widespread reputation as a "blocked" event, not unintentionally netizens, is actually a professional team behind the operation results, and the team is the network of public relations. Why network public relations is concerned? For making a donation to donate 100 million more than a business, but no a performance so good. The network of public relations, in order to "take the netizen" the image of the throat was born.

in fact, the network of public relations is the product of the era of network marketing, refers to enterprises, organizations, individuals, the Internet as a carrier of communication, in order to increase the visibility of the network for the purpose of dissemination of a series of activities. Although some people describe the network of public relations is " the right hand left hand flowers, ", but moderate buried mines; borrow manufacturing event + public opinion the two major network promotion means of public relations, for tourism industry under the new situation, how to establish reputation, might be a breakthrough.

straight off the era of scenic marketing urgent transformation

with the adjustment of the national public holiday policy and self driving tour, the rise of self-help travel, domestic tourist attractions busy, travel agencies tend to idle phenomenon, domestic tourism has been the arrival of the era of direct passenger. Statistics of tourism scenic spots around the country are mentioned, significantly increased the proportion of individual travelers, large group than in previous years, a downward trend, and small self-help team increased significantly. It can be seen that the development of individual travel quickly in our country, the individual has become the tourism market of the protagonist, the independent consciousness and independent ability is increasing.

under this background, the scenic area by travel agency as the main channel, half of the country the traditional mode of marketing team to focus on the market has been unable to stabilize the tourism market status. At the same time, tourism website has made trouble in marketing channel "dense willow trees and bright flowers".

in 2008 the number of Chinese Internet users has increased to 221 million people, the number of Internet users in the world. Chinese Internet users per capita access time of 3.28 hours, while the average TV use time is only about 1.21 hours. The huge number of users and so high user contacts have become the Internet completely with the traditional racing together bridle to bridle the four media, even more important than the media and traditional media. Therefore, network marketing is definitely the trend. The scenic area using the network marketing, in addition to occupying a large number of Internet users, but also has the following advantages:

first, the cost is very low. If compared with the traditional paper media, print media, network advertising costs are very low, the cost will make scenic area propaganda greatly reduced pressure.

second, greatly enhance the brand awareness of the scenic spots. The development of tourism e-commerce which is like a raging fire, now there are many domestic travel agencies are not hit? And for the tourists, the network has become a part of life, at least for now the situation, see through the network of tourism information will not be less than the number of people using the media number >

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