Zhi Ling sister city beauty endorsement of the next Daphne

urban beauty will be the next Daphne



editor’s note: This article from the WeChat public number three 22 "(ID:ThreeQian), author Qian Xuelin, 36 krypton authorized release.

in the underwear industry Foxconn in the end is how a business? Mentioned a point of view, is not that bad business model that the company is not worth a look, not because of the company’s gross margin low cannot become ten times shares.

a lot of people say that Tencent business model is very good, to help shareholders make money, is a great company. Indeed, from the market value and returns for shareholders to bring, is indeed a great company. However, Tencent employees or shareholders, they have to get them to create huge value for the community, this is just a transaction, how to say that the company is great it?

if you want to say I really feel great, high iron construction workers is great, especially they dug a tunnel, the construction of a bridge, to get the wages of these workers available, do not know how much work in the great company of people willing to engage in


so, more want to say is don’t buckle hat, this is a great company that is garbage company, is not a good business model, should be normal to look at any of the company, after all, investment performance to speak, you make money off the garbage company is also great, great the company makes you lose money is rubbish.

even if a company’s business model is not good, I believe that when you hold such a company, you will feel great.


is also the company, if you have this company since 2013, even if the company is great, I believe you will think it is rubbish.


but you certainly can not think this is the first Chinese Daphne international brand shoes.

when you know it is time to sell a shoe company, I believe that the way your head is in recent years the electricity supplier so fire everyone online to buy clothes and shoes, line the store business is certainly not good.

when I told you people, people online sales have continued to grow in double the sales of eleven Tmall is "the first" brand shoes, are you still think that Daphne will not operate commercial channels


since the sustained growth of sales channels electricity supplier, the stock fell more than 94%, that line shop sales

in a complete mess?


wasn’t that bad. Even in 2015, the annual operating income was 8 billion 379 million Hong Kong dollars

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