Several key points for effective optimization of website

e-commerce is increasingly developed today, a network has become an important way of people, this website and store such as spring like Zheng flute grew up, the site competition gradually increased, the network business is not easy. Especially for the new site, they are low weight, poor ranking or no ranking, included less, making these new sites are not competitive, while the owners in the construction site, it is very difficult. In order to make the new website can achieve good effect in the optimization and update it, occupy a space for one person in the fierce competition, the 48 forum based on their actual experience, talk about how to effectively optimize the site update, make the site grow faster.



keyword is the key site planning, the main keywords, the new station will have to design a good website before the main keywords and long tail keywords, especially the main keywords and long tail word can not be ignored, must be thoughtful and specific, because this is the website of the generation, the website weight, ranking and traffic is decisive the role of. For example, the 48 forum is the key word 48SEO, the long tail keyword is 48SEO webmaster forum, the main word is the forum 48. I query the rankings, the role of the 48 and the forum activities, indicating that I was planning or not considerate, here to remind the new owners must take into account the construction of key words.

website update

website update refers to the quality of the original content, rich experience is the user wants to post and favorite content, but also the core of the site’s survival and development. Now many webmaster to insist that every write posts, focus on the collection to the above, the site quality is more and more low, feeling into the garbage site where reproduced or acquisition of users is not interested in the contents of the search engine users don’t like love nor love, will be in the course of time the search engine punishment, realized that time may be punished webmaster website why or K station. When the webmaster to understand when it is too late, it is impossible to save the future of the site, so the quality of the original content is the key to the development of the site.

soft writing


forum signature role is more and more small, but still have a certain effect on the new webmaster, in a forum with the signature and webmaster, it is best to write the article published to high weight forum, soft paper is can take one or two links, this link is permanent, and the weight transfer to your website is not small. The most important thing is to contribute to the news website, the quality of the forum or portal posts, its role is considerable, the new owners can try more in these areas. The following is the 48 forum to vote on the text of the text of the following screenshot, we can do it, there will be better innovation.


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