A few years Chinese technology has 5 fields away from Silicon Valley how did this happen

mobile payment, electricity providers, Internet banking, home services, online video…… In short, it must not be artificial intelligence.

20 years ago, when the Beijing municipal government will be built in Zhongguancun "Chinese Silicon Valley" slogan, sounds "overtaking" means that, despite a long period of time, here is the "digital products and computer repair a street".

now, you can see all kinds of ideas in Zhongguancun, keen on every passerby about the ideal coffee shop, the entrepreneurs to visit their admirers or high officials and noble lords. Originally sold in Zhongguancun computer city burner Liu Qiangdong, Jingdong will also bring the Nasdaq, the stock market also rose 30% a year.

if you look away from the crowded entrepreneurial street, you will find that in some areas, the penetration rate of science and technology in China has been more than the standard Silicon Valley science and technology industry has been more hot.

mobile payment, electricity providers, Internet banking, home services, online video…… Chinese technology companies throw off the west coast of the technology giant



in the United States, along with the iPhone 6 Apple Online Pay anniversary, only only Apple of the use of iPhone users, sales accounted for only about $1% of the total retail sales in the United states. Google and its three Google’s wallet has also failed to make people form a habit.

But now the domestic

, with no cash will not take bank card out has become possible, as long as your mobile phone installed in Alipay or WeChat wallet application.

"curiosity daily" recently tested with mobile phone smooth travel for 12 days, found that even in Wuyishan such a remote tourist attractions, shops can use alipay. With the arrival of the red envelopes to pay WeChat, and even playing tricycles, snack points in the night market is no problem.

in the second quarter of this year, the domestic mobile payment scale has reached 3 trillion and 400 billion yuan, of which 85% transactions completed in Alipay and WeChat for the two mobile phone payment application and payment requirements in hardware is not what.

before the rise of mobile payments, China has become the world’s largest electricity supplier market. Last year, the electricity supplier Festival Double eleven after the start of more than an hour, just the amount of Taobao and Tmall transactions amounted to $2 billion, which is already the largest electricity supplier section of the United States to add up all the figures.

Tens of thousands of employees of

Alibaba to this day for half a year, at Red Bull boxes and a portrait of Ma Yun through the night to update the sales figures.

personal financial investment has become a common application on the phone. The balance of the fund’s Monetary Fund, treasure, the size of the second quarter of this year has reached $613 billion 300 million, which is still shrinking by one hundred billion >

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