How to deal with the problem of how to break the design of hardware and mobile phone design breakthr

according to the latest statistics show that the current domestic intelligent mobile phone market, the domestic smart mobile phone market share has exceeded 50%, which means that the domestic intelligent mobile phone in the domestic market is no longer a subordinate position, can be on an equal footing with foreign intelligent mobile phone bigwigs in sales. But the problem is that the past is always used to follow the trend of product design in the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the domestic market, become a major force in the future, how in the mobile phone market dominant trend, that lead in the domestic mobile phone firms in the market all the time in thinking about a problem, then we might as well take a look at time after entering 2015, domestic mobile phone manufacturers to bring the bright spots of the mobile phone products to us. In addition, we can also from the soon to be released mobile phone spy photos, guess some mobile phone design highlights.

When the smart mobile phone

is beginning to flourish when the mobile phone industry into the development cycle of a hardware competition, the major mobile phone manufacturers have unique selling points to the pursuit of cost-effective, the pursuit of configuration as their products, in order to attract the public’s attention, although the number of new mobile phone, which makes good performance, but the appearance is the same as is the "era of thousands of machines in the side", promote individual’s, users still want to see more "different" mobile phone.

borderless mobile phone

in the intelligent mobile phone parameters in the past, proportion of the screen is an important parameter, simply means that a part of the mobile phone mobile phone screen ratio, the higher the proportion of the screen, the user will feel the bigger screen. After entering 2015, the concept of borderless mobile phone began to rise in the first half of this time, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers released a borderless smart mobile phone at least 5 or more, the appearance of the mobile phone has a higher degree of recognition, on both sides of the screen of the mobile phone has been extended to the edge of the mobile phone, thus giving the user the feeling is the only mobile phone the upper part and the lower part is a frame. Compared to those who have the border of the product, the technology is more strong sense of borderless phone. No border mobile phone users can buy brands currently on the market there are music, Nubian, HUAWEI, cool, cool also will soon release a borderless mobile phone.

fingerprint recognition mobile phone

Apple opened the first phase of the fingerprint recognition mobile phone, this technology has been greatly praised by users, so at this time, many smart phone manufacturers began to use fingerprint identification technology. But we are currently seeing the fingerprint recognition phone is not the same in the design, and some on the front of the phone, and some on the back of the phone, it is said that the same as apple on the front of the mobile phone design and development is more difficult.

with the development of technology and the hardware cost is also more and more low, like fingerprint recognition technology also starts from the popularity of the original exclusive high-end machine to superior public models, the latest listing of a number of 2000 yuan in the end models are equipped with gear. Functional fingerprint recognition is now mainly used to unlock and mobile payment, providing security for the user’s mobile phone information security. At present >

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