nternet regulation is difficult to read through the effective supervision of the answer

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology promulgated the "Internet information service market order supervision and management Interim Measures," the draft. Judging from the content of the draft, the Ministry of industry as the dual authority of the Internet industry and the software industry, and finally began to make regulatory initiatives on the Internet software industry. For a long time, due to the lack of specific laws and regulations, the competent authorities of the industry’s strange behavior, resulting in China’s Internet market has long been in a state of rivers and lakes. The most typical case is that some time ago the war caused a great disturbance 3Q.

in the 3Q war, online spread such a joke: "a Q: 360 not do sports shoes. How to QQ on? B A: I always do not understand a shoes and a car for what?"

will feature the joke actually behaved most incisive competition on the Internet from the sidelines, looks like two intersection without any company, but struggle so tragic, that an outsider to the competition between the Internet Co have formed a random, low impression, chaos, competition disputes, low-end solutions.

yes, 3Q war has dust in the Ministry’s intervention has settled, the need to explore the should not only stay in the specific case and who is right? What is the reason behind this? How to achieve effective supervision of relevant departments? To answer these questions, you need to come up from the behavior characteristics of the Internet industry and Internet Co looking for answer.

Internet as a revolutionary technology products in the world of all walks of life. For the general public, the Internet has become a basic way of survival in the society, to obtain information from daily life to an important channel for interpersonal communication, from the main means of entertainment to obtain business services, Internet business services provided by the company has been carrying the basic rights and interests of many people, such as freedom of communication and reputation right, privacy, property rights, rights and dignity and freedom of creation. It can be said that the Internet business companies have not only to meet their own commercial interests and there is more to bear the public interests of social groups. Because before the Internet, there is no one service can directly change the way people live.

but sometimes, some Internet Co have neglected the social public interest groups, one-sided emphasis on itself in the market competition of commercial interests, such as some people think that, in the 3Q war, allowing users to make one of two decisions "Tencent has actually neglected the interests of users. However, due to the current laws and regulations on the need to exercise social rights and interests of Internet Co limited, this is still a blank. If this happens to China Mobile, then the event is bound to rise to the constitution to protect the basic human rights level.

law exists to protect the interests of the majority of users, but has strong ability in Internet Co coerced by law is seriously lagging behind, this has also led to some large number >

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