Web3 0 big companies will lose the neutrality of the nternet


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How is

without the Internet network neutrality will? On Tuesday, the United States federal court ruling the Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communications Commission, hereinafter referred to as the FCC) require internet service providers to treat all traffic rules is equal.

called the principle of network neutrality, the telecommunications industry can not block, curb or discriminate traffic. But the court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (FCC) challenges the Verzion communications company. The court said that FCC can not regulate the Internet service providers, such as regulating the phone company. This means that Internet service providers are now free to carry out a number of services to provide transactions, to provide customers with more efficient services, such as Netfilx and Amazon.

this ruling, if established, is likely to have an impact on every Internet user. FCC has indicated that it may appeal.

here are some experts predict that the Internet will change the neutral loss. Web3.0 – this is the future of the internet. You can also say that the next revolution in the Internet is based on its interactive Web2.0 today.

1 companies will be in order to allow its content to pass faster to its users to spend huge sums of money, and small businesses difficult to reach users.

net neutrality lost the most obvious effect is that the rich online content providers (e.g. Netfilx and Amazon) for faster content delivery payment to the Internet service provider fees, Derek Turner said. Derek Turner is a freelance writer, director of research at the Free Press media advocacy group. But the rich websites faster content delivery means that small company slower content delivery. "The Internet is zero sum," Turner said. Faster delivery of Netflix means that other sites are slower to pass.

Turner network neutrality to get rid of metaphor for the two lane road, a lane is dirt road, a lane when the clean, well maintained toll road". The rich site using the toll road more smoothly situation, while others were transferred to the dirt road. In addition, Turner said, Internet service providers have the power not to protect the dirt road, because they want companies to pay for the toll road.

2 poor users, rich users see different pages.

on the other hand, the Internet is the Internet service providers will begin to charge users and provide them with a specific web page, Todd O ‘Boyle said. Todd O ‘Boyle is the project director of the free advocacy group Common Cause. Of course, this might be true

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