Sina micro blog large account anomalies can not log phenomenon

today about 8:40 in the morning, Mr. Chen was at micro-blog Sina micro-blog to find the pop-up landing is a "account was banned, unable to login page". Mr. Chen was scared out in a cold sweat, it is released what micro-blog is sensitive to report? But he think it doesn’t feel right, all day long only yesterday released some pictures of micro-blog, do not step on the line. So he landed his own another micro-blog trumpet, the results also show that the account was banned.

encountered the same situation this morning, Mr. Chen is not alone (pictured below). Xiao Bian in Tencent micro-blog, Baidu post bar and some QQ group have seen a similar situation. A higher visibility of the IT industry information station in its first release of micro-blog Sina micro-blog exception notice.


, including micro-blog, Sina, including a number of comments had been due to the lack of an effective regulatory mechanism, rumors of illegal information and forced to shut down comments. The large area is also associated with this title? This is the first reaction of most micro-blog control.

users have speculated that this phenomenon is caused by the transfer of executives vision". It is reported that the news that some time ago Ali to inject Sina micro-blog, and today there came Sina micro-blog division commander. Wang Gaofei has replaced Peng Shaobin as the general manager of sina micro-blog division general manager has confirmed sina.

Sina micro-blog account login anomaly in the morning before 9 has returned to normal, due to the timely recovery, the impact is not too large.

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