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1 online shopping regret right into the consumer rights law: protection of the right to return 7 days

concern consumers’ right to regret will be written into the law. Yesterday, the draft amendment to the law on the protection of consumer rights (hereinafter referred to as draft) for the first time submitted to the NPC Standing committee. The draft stipulates: operators sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, consumers have the right to return within 7 days from the date of receipt of goods. It is understood that this is the implementation of the consumer protection law for the first time in 20 years to modify. According to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, at present, most of the electricity supplier business services have exceeded legal standards, but the implementation of small sellers difficult.

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received the draft amendment to the consumer law: online shopping goods can be returned within 7 days of

2.3 month turnover of 2 billion 340 million mobile phone group purchase group purchase growth engine

news April 24th, group purchase navigation site 800 today released the "March 2013 Chinese group purchase market statistics report", the report shows that in March this year, group purchase turnover hit a record high, reaching 2 billion 340 million yuan last month, an increase of 16.5%, an increase of 35.2% in March last year.

report shows, buy monthly visitors following the fall of February because the Spring Festival is the reason, this month to 40 million magnitude, reached 41 million 470 thousand, an increase of 12.9%; at the same time, March will continue to rise in the sale of a single group number reached 353 thousand, up 12.5%, compared to the same period last year rose more than 1 times. In addition, through continuous tracking of each category group purchase price, reflecting the overall price change of group purchase life index in March this year reached 140.6, in March last year, the index is 118, it is said that this year again group purchase prices nearly 20% over the same period, the CPI consumer price index rose 2.1%.

industry experts pointed out that the price of group purchase need to look at both sides, on the one hand, the domestic group purchase industry from the burn to grab the market transition to the stability and development of the stage, businesses and websites need to reasonable margin to ensure long-term healthy development, on the other hand to buy mobile phone and lead the group purchase free reserve group purchase also rise the group purchase turned to demand to buy, which is used to buy carry coupons, the consumer mentality is to find the cheapest from blindly into the pursuit of convenience, affordable experience.

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3 Taobao malicious phone harassment by deducting the seller said the 12 points directly closed shop

to Taobao stores because of a bad review, "

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