The importance of micro blog to network marketing of small and medium sized enterprises

with the development of e-commerce in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2011, network marketing has entered the people’s view of micro-blog! In 2011, a fire, when micro-blog appeared in people’s life at the moment, convenient, fast and timely interactive features to quickly spread to people’s pursuit, with the development of the network marketing researchers on micro-blog micro-blog mining, to the small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing now also plays a vital role in


public relations research center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University public opinion research laboratory jointly issued the "2011 Annual Report of micro-blog China", focuses on the analysis of characteristics of the development of micro-blog in 2011, and in 2012 the micro-blog development trends. The report said, highlighting the value of micro-blog business, becoming an important platform for corporate marketing and public relations. Bo marketing enormous benefits and potential for companies to enter micro-blog, a large number of enterprises to actively use the official micro-blog interactive.

Internet data firm DCCI released data show that 72% of micro-blog users will focus on micro-blog commercials; nearly 25% users will focus on more than 10 enterprises in the official account of micro-blog; 34.3% of users use micro-blog brand discount information acquisition. The value of micro-blog’s network marketing for SMEs is even more prominent!

to join the official micro-blog B2B, small and medium enterprises with the platform to display and interactive marketing dual drive, to maximize the interests of many companies concerned about the world’s factory network micro-blog mutual promotion!

enterprises to carry out micro-blog marketing crisis public relations, establish corporate image. On the micro-blog platform, enterprises can express their own corporate culture, as well as on the hot topic of views and attitudes, planning and marketing activities of enterprises, to establish a positive corporate social image, improve enterprise or product visibility and brand value. In addition, the company also uses the enormous influence of opinion leaders micro-blog marketing. At the same time, the use of micro-blog crisis public relations, to make the most rapid response to the crisis, establish a good image of the enterprise, to lay a solid foundation for small and medium enterprise network marketing!

2012 will be micro-blog to continue the development of a year, with the business of micro-blog users on micro-blog come in a throng, competition will be more intense. Small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing is always a constant innovation and competition of the topic, and the continuous exploration of micro-blog marketing will make micro-blog in the role of network marketing of small and medium enterprises more obvious!

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