Baidu has launched beauty channels to create the perfect cosmetics vertical shopping

, mobile phone, digital home following the woman after the day before, Baidu "have ah" launched fourth channels — their beauty. The page layout of the channel is a simple, easy to find design principle, with excellent user experience. Yes ah, said it would continue to create a product experience, business services, product coverage and many other aspects of the domestic first-class cosmetics vertical shopping channel.

China has become the world’s third largest cosmetics consumer market, according to statistics, in 2007 the annual sales of cosmetics in China has reached 130 billion. In the field of online shopping, beauty products has been very fixed and increasing user groups, this type of product, digital mobile phone volume after class, is the Internet sales income ranked third in the industry. Conservative estimates, in 2009, online shopping will be divided into 6% of the total sales of cosmetics sales of up to 9%, a breakthrough of more than 15 billion, far higher than the proportion of online shopping in China’s retail market accounted for more than 1%.

women are keen to buy beauty products on the Internet, analysis that there are two main reasons: first, the price has more advantages than traditional stores; second, the network no geographical restrictions, can not buy domestic reputation products set up counters. Therefore, the creation of beauty channels, to meet the needs of the network consumer groups, the network has become the inevitable layout of the shopping platform.

compared with the same channel, Baidu "have ah" beauty channel proposed "convenient, easy to find" principle, build key product categories show entrance, and combined with the characteristics of the current consumption of user groups and consumer psychology, pay more attention to "buy, buy, buy in front after the" overall user experience. In the overall style of the page, still continues to have ah fresh, concise style.

according to the person in charge of the channel, in the pre purchase help decision-making, closely similar to the Baidu know the community channel and column, and offers the most popular U.S. clothing, makeup, body; in the purchase process, particularly focusing on channel query and browse commodity, provided in accordance with the fool brand, use, color and the function of a variety of ways to retrieve entrance; after the purchase, pay attention to guiding the female consumers to share experiences. And for the seller, providing a list of recommendations, such as the list of hot commodities, star shops, promotional activities and other mechanisms to help them earn more money. In addition, the home channel open area, cooperation and high-quality businesses, so that consumers always claim free cosmetics sample.

according to the present situation of beauty products, dragons and fishes jumbled together in "have", launched the "consumer protection plan", especially in the field of cosmetics also launched the "authentic overseas" and "genuine" certification projects, build a consumer platform integrity.

is expected in the next 2 to 3 years, ‘ah’ will create a domestic product experience, business services, commodity coverage are to achieve the most professional and most comprehensive cosmetics vertical e-commerce channels." Relevant responsible person said, so that businesses get the largest display of goods, so that consumers have the most perfect shopping

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