Blued CEO Geng Le the future with members light electricity providers and O2O to make money

[Abstract] British research firm EuroMonitor International, a conservative estimate, China annual Gay consumption scale of approximately $300 billion, "pink economy" era of Blued to illuminate the road ahead.

Tencent technology Liu Yalan reported on December 10th

gay community "blue" in 2000 on the line, under the name of "blue memories", at that time, the founder of Geng Legang graduated from a police academy in Qinhuangdao.


, he became a police officer. Like Janus ancient myths of Rome Janus, he headed east, as defenders of law and morality, but also the side to the west, the spare time spent the gay vertical social networking sites.

with the tide of the mobile Internet, blue 2012, launched the Blued app. Geng Le, also take off the uniforms, full-time investment. Time flies, this China the earliest gay community, now grow up to $300 million valuation of the enterprise, Geng Le told the Tencent of science and technology, blue advantage, is the old saying "at the right time".

International, a UK based research firm, estimates that China’s annual consumption of homosexuality is about $300 billion a year, and the arrival of the "pink economy" era has illuminated the way forward for Blued EuroMonitor.

Geng Le said that the future will consider a number of ways realized, such as membership fees, light electricity and O2O, but now, continue cultivating advantage is the most important work.

light electricity supplier refers to the tone of the relevant aspects of the electricity supplier homosexuality. A user said Blued now has been harassing users, selling fake phenomenon, Geng Le said, this is really a headache, but they have a shielding function, database is encrypted, also arranged 12 colleagues in 24 hours to do manual audit filtering, later also will launch a lot of users to protect their own measures.

O2O is a platform, businesses can find the light blue, the user can also recommend businesses. Leju Geng Holland, in Holland, many stores even if not specifically gay shop, will hang a symbol of "Gay Pride Rainbow Flag at the door. Then the blue will recommend to users such approval without prejudice to gay shop. In addition, gay themed games, may also be one of blue cash.

Geng Le to Tencent technology revealed that the upcoming on-line Blued 4 will be more flexible in color, there will also be interactive guidance. As for the Lala market, pinked is still an idea, and put into action, does not rule out the future will buy lesbian products.

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this year is indeed a big wave of Internet companies land >

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