50 communication involving Tianjin port fire and explosion accident site checked rumors

15 reporter was informed that the state Internet Information Office recently in conjunction with the relevant departments to investigate and punish the driver, beauty network, military Chinese network, fresh military net 50 involved Tianjin port fire explosion accident spread rumors website.

Tianjin port "8· 12" particularly serious fire after the explosion, some websites or free to distribute "the explosion in Tianjin killing at least 1000 people, one kilometer radius of no live", "Tianjin has been chaotic, robbed of shopping malls in Tianjin City, the main leadership adjustment" rumor, rumor or allow users upload from micro-blog, WeChat, manufacturing panic, rumors become the center, resulting in adverse social impact, by netizens condemn and report. National Network Information Office jointly with relevant departments, depending on the seriousness of the network, network, military China beauty line net 18 sites to permanently shut down, the cancellation of the record filing penalties, to take off the provisional 1 months of penalties for fresh military network, 0668 National Geographic Azeroth forum, forum and other 32 sites.

National Network Information Office spokesman said that the zero tolerance attitude towards online rumors, crack down on serious accident spread rumors website, found severely dealt with, and ordered the Internet effectively implement the main responsibility of management, to provide a platform to channel the rumors spread, and consciously safeguard the order of Internet communication. National network information office to encourage the majority of Internet users to actively report all kinds of illegal and harmful information on the internet. Report Tel: 12377, report URL: www.12377.cn.

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