Alipay has stolen the two dimensional code into the official said the culprit in the user’s own prob


Alipay repeatedly stolen two-dimensional code into the official said the culprit in the user’s own


Beijing November 15 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter trainee reporter Xu Lejing Zhang Jun) this year "double eleven" Ali fought a good fight: Taobao Tmall Alipay trading transactions amounted to 35 billion yuan, up to 170 million pen.

as everyone knows, is a network like Alipay wallet, now many online transactions cannot do without it, and it is with ALI small loans, the balance of treasure and other Internet financial is closely related.

is so important wallet, once stolen, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Recently, some users of Alipay encountered such a dilemma, very trouble. They can not help but worry: Alipay security is


two-dimensional code into the "culprit" Alipay account stolen


before 2009, the hearts of everyone "double eleven" is just a single day, the day the best ending is "naked"; November 11, 2009, "double eleven" has been swept into electricity, once a year the online shopping carnival.

According to Ali

released this year "double eleven" transaction data show: the Taobao Tmall trading volume reached 35 billion yuan, an increase of 83% compared to last year’s 19 billion 100 million yuan; Alipay transactions reached 170 million pen.

but not all people are shopping at some stores in the best of spirits, because Alipay had stolen Taobao and feel the shadow, that Carnival day also timid"……

in mid October, who lives in Zhejiang, Zhuji Taobao stores Ms. Qian with customers to introduce products by the next set, brush a Trojan QR code, resulting in Alipay account stolen. When Ms. Qian found Alipay account abnormal quick action, alarm and transfer account.

but that money is stolen, be taken by surprise, Alipay account to the Alibaba actually small loans 11 thousand yuan. This account will undoubtedly fall on the head of Ms. qian.

through a number of contact with ALI, Ms. Qian will finally solve the loan problem. However, whether Alipay security has become a question of her heart.

"now I dare not put Alipay in more than 1000 yuan, more immediately to the bank card." The day before, Ms. Qian told reporters, after the theft, she became more cautious about using alipay.

coincidentally, Ms. things with money Shandong encountered a Taobao store, Alipay after the theft of 5000 yuan of loans to the Alibaba. Fortunately, my grade is relatively low, only 5000 yuan loan, or I really do not know how to do."

because of the loan, the Taobao store was a headache, so to the "double eleven" shopping Carnival also fell down.

currently, Shandong Taobao stores are to Ali.

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