Baidu wants to reverse the enemy image search box application platform

half a year ago, a work for Baidu PR people asked me: "why so many people criticize Baidu?" he said Baidu is difficult to do public relations reality, side is also refers to: I often scolded in Baidu and micro-blog in the column, and to think that "iron shoulders moral".

I told the truth right now. "Baidu is one of the most influential people in the world, because it has offended the most creative person in the society. Since they don’t like to criticize Baidu, of course, also be not of the common sort".

this is rooted in Baidu’s business model.

, for example, MP3 search, to feed a lot of live a lot of live music piracy sites, but the artist did not get the benefit of creating songs. Zhang Zhaoyang, who has been acting very close to the performing arts, has said that many Chinese artists, even though they have created popular works, have been living a life of dignity.

such as web search, support a lot of serious novel piracy sites, but the creation of these network fiction writers did not benefit from. So the starting point of the Chinese network is always exposed to Baidu and prosecution, saying, "you let me lose billions of dollars each year," and so on. It is said that the starting point recently sued Baidu victory. The verdict will be announced soon.

, such as news search, feeds a bunch of weed – like news piracy sites, but journalists and bloggers who write these stories have not benefited from it. Readers may wish to go, now Baidu search for "Baidu restoration", see how many small sites without FT Chinese network and I authorize the reprint. This is not a special case, in foreign countries, Murdoch also called Google.

so from a certain point of view, Baidu is an evil force, and the original enemy, and the theft of symbiotic. When these artists, writers, and network novel media people hate Baidu and play and scold, sharp degree and objective effect is considerable.

at that time the phrase was endorsed by the pr. But half a year later, Baidu launched a new product form, seems to reverse their intentions positioning in the industry chain layout, and the position in the social forces in the game. Abstract: a point that is put into the search box application platform like AppStore, before is to provide simple information, will provide applications and services; before the user is sent to other sites to see, the future will be completed in the operation of Baidu’s own page; before is to determine the quality of the site according to the number of links. The future is for who is the real owner……

this is one of the most rare innovations that I have observed so far by Baidu. Here is a little bit more to talk about four aspects.

a search is no longer just an intermediary. Shield from spear.

Google said, as a search, is to allow users to leave as soon as possible, that is, as soon as possible to find the desired site, the shorter the better. But Baidu no longer seems to be the standard. If you search for "Beijing weather" or "what time is it,"

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