Beautiful or ugly AdSense was arrested by the end of the account intercept publisher income


AdSense is launched by the Google (publisher) for Internet advertising services, support more than 1/4 of revenue from Google, changing the mode of Internet production charges. But recently, it has received anonymous allegations of fraud.

on Pastebin, claiming to be a former AdSense employee claimed by Google AdSense annexed the publishers of income, the concrete practice is when a publisher has a high income, Google will close its AdSense account at the end of Eve, and then the publisher should pay money in Google in order to increase the income of the company.

the anonymous sources, this program began in 2009, the AdSense department held a meeting, said the Department suffered a serious financial crisis, intends to use this means large fishing gold, improve the financial situation, or to pay compression. In this threat, in addition to a small number of people dissatisfied with the resignation, the majority of people to participate in compliance.

their goal is to have a single income of more than $5000 of AdSense accounts, and is being settled or close to the time of the ban, leaving the income.

this plan has been extended from 2009 to 2012, during a large number of AdSense account has been closed, 2012 April is the climax period, because suffer greater income pressure, they were told to remove as much as possible to make the most money account, do not give any reasons, direct execution, and no reply, which led to many complain.

in December 2012, they carried out the new policy, the launch of the AdSense Quality Control Color Codes, the income scale and a color hook are red and yellow, blue, green, red is the most likely one is prohibited.

in addition, the source also accused AdSense of a big problem, namely the "friendly fire as everyone knows". In the past, some publishers in order to make more money crazy advertising, Google will detect this behavior through technology, the default is the publisher himself, and prohibit the publisher’s AdSense. But the problem is that a lot of websites so malicious competitors click, many publishers in the absence of knowledge of the AdSense account was closed.

Google has long been aware of this problem, but did not take any corrective action.

accused the original process described in more detail, we can look at the Pastebin. The Google official also quickly responded, they are in Cne>

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