The Spring Festival holiday news review shake the red and orange fire brother

[Abstract] Tencent science and technology with keywords to do the finishing of the news, after reading these holidays will have a dynamic understanding of the industry.



technology news February 24th, the Spring Festival holiday at the end of this period struggling to favor, you must not idle away in seeking pleasure, pay attention to how the industry dynamic.

Tencent science and technology keywords to do during this period of finishing the news, read the industry will also have a dynamic understanding of this holiday.



1, Spring Festival Gala WeChat shake

Spring Festival Gala WeChat shake shake shake the world, the total number of more than 11 billion times a day, at 22:34 in the evening, the Spring Festival Gala shake interactive peak, for the 810 million time / minute, there are 185 countries in the world shake. A total of 500 million yuan out, from 22:32 to 22:42 time to send out 120 million universal grab red envelopes.

, 2, who grabbed 4999 yuan red WeChat

‘s luckiest WeChat users come from Hunan, Changsha and Liaoning, where the two of them shake a single cash red envelope of $4999, respectively. In addition, there are 108 users get a prize of $2015.

3, personal red hot

red envelopes attended the evening of the total number of 1 billion 10 million times, more than last year’s new year’s Eve 200 times. 0 point -0 point of 2 minutes, red envelopes to reach an instant peak, every minute there are a total of 550 thousand red envelopes were issued, the red envelope was opened, is the last year of the 66 times.

4, Liu Qiangdong home for the elderly to send red envelopes

Spring Festival 6 million 500 thousandJingdong

group CEO Liu Qiangdong years ago returned to his birthplace, Suyu District of Suqian city in Jiangsu province to Guangming Village Dragon Town, to the village of more than 650 men and women aged over 60 from ten thousand yuan per person "Spring Festival special envelopes". "I grew up here, without you folks care for, I can’t walk out of the village, I will not today, the home visit you, express a little mind, I hope you have a good year!"

[Spring Festival Gala]


5, WeChat red envelopes into the Spring Festival Gala, the most fire program

WeChat users in the Spring Festival evening through WeChat’s discovery – shake the entrance, open grab the value of more than 500 million yuan by the corporate sponsors to provide WeChat cash red envelopes. The Spring Festival in the entire broadcast process, WeChat’s "shake" will open for the new year’s Eve custom entrance, the surprise will be out of the function and design is closely related to the spring festival.

6, CCTV Spring Festival evening viewing ratings low

the year of the Spring Festival, the country has 189 television channels simultaneously broadcast, television viewing

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