China Mobile nternet 2016 the second half of the era of or navigation

2016 China Internet has a word comparison fire called the second half".

either start-up companies, or internet giants, can feel the cost of access to a sharp increase in traffic, and even electricity supplier class APP access to new users in the cost of nearly 10 times between the past more than and 10 months.

traffic costs behind the upgrade, the rapid decline of China Mobile’s Internet population dividend, first look at three data:

China Mobile Internet population of about 650 million people in 2013, 2016 is expected to reach 890 million (enfodesk data), has more than China total smart mobile phone users.


China’s Internet population growth rate has dropped from 15.4% in 2016 to 5% in 2013, is expected in the next year, in 2018, the growth rate will continue to decline, respectively, 3.5% and 3%, respectively.


current stock user APP new demand has been basically saturated, close to 40% users a month to install a new APP number of 0, close to 80% users per month to install a new APP less than 3.

corresponds to the fact that the speed of China’s venture capital companies to create the world’s most. Statistics show that in 2015 China has more than 10 thousand companies registered every day, an average of 7 companies will be born every minute. The market potential of every new APP, there will be hundreds of companies for a large number of start-ups rush on like a swarm of hornets, was born, which is facing the "second half" of the Red Sea market Chinese.

go out to sea!!

Under the weight of the

market, more and more China Mobile Internet companies choose to go to sea. Since 2013, China’s rapid increase in the number of sea companies, 2016 is an increase of more than 214%.


China enterprises choose the sea, will first face the mature markets of Europe and the majority of emerging market or the two direction, is often based on the product features and leaders of character and decide, but directly change the future of the enterprise.

generally speaking, Europe and the United States mature market information networks, logistics and other infrastructure to improve the popularity of smart phones, financial payment conditions are more mature, easier to implement sea companies. But at the same time, the gap between Europe and the United States and China’s culture is relatively large, the cost of acquiring new users is very high, the basic pattern of control by the giant enterprises, market opportunities for Chinese companies is not high.

Compared with

, the emerging markets in the network and logistics infrastructure is weak, lower spending power users, even regulations not perfect. But for the mobile Internet business, here is the biggest advantage of broad demographic dividend: global population of more than 50 million, intelligent mobile phone penetration rate of less than 40% of the country, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, the Middle East, Africa, Thailand and many other destinations".

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