Stationmaster net broadcast music website charges alleged speculation Alipay can buy train tickets

1 music website charges no move alleged hype

news June 6th, crazy music charge news for several days until finally in June 5th, but the music website does not have what happened. Is this another rumor? We know that there has been news that music is about to charge, but there is no real change in the end.

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2.360 acquisition of 2345 navigation puzzle: Shengdong Pang choice

yesterday came news of the 360 navigation will be acquired at a price of $80 million is currently ranked fourth in the country to complete the navigation navigation website 2345, first on fourth mergers and acquisitions, the formation of absolute advantage on navigation. But the news just came soon, 2345 founder, while the largest SNS website founder Pang Shengdong said denied. Things seem to have just begun, it is over. But in the media disappeared many years Pang Shengdong has appeared in such a way that many people feel regret. Once that can challenge the new force of the Tencent, who can dominate the China social network SNS originator, has disappeared too many years.

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3 must respond Sogou input method leak: always keep rules

June 6th afternoon news, Microsoft’s search service will be China today Sogou input method to disclose user privacy incidents to respond. Bing said that China will not search the Robots.txt search agreement, the company has been to comply with orderly, healthy and ethical market behavior norms.

security issues feedback platform clouds yesterday announced by Sina micro-blog, Sogou input method can lead to a large number of user sensitive information leakage design flaws. In this regard, Sogou responded that this problem stems from Microsoft Bing search engine will not comply with the prohibition agreement.

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4.A5 webmaster network settled Sohu news client welcome to subscribe to

webmaster network ( June 6th news, currently the largest home information portal A5 webmaster network has successfully settled Sohu news client. Webmaster friends just need to download Sohu news client, search A5 Adsense network to add attention can be read fresh >

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