n June 2nd a large number of sites PR disappeared suspect Google server problems lead to

The morning of June 2nd

open QQ group saw a lot of people discuss that PR turned 0, a lot of people do ask, I immediately check their maintenance in Guangzhou recruitment network (www.nfrencai.com) found PR from 6 to 0, and check the other website, found a small amount has not changed, but most turned 0, personally think that the PR becomes 0 and not because of cheating punishment by Google which may be Google server error, because there are a lot of famous sites by PR7 into 0, in fact, since the late March from Google Chinese, many web page ranking disappeared, in 5 month was fully restored. Hope you don’t panic, if you are lucky this time PR is not affected, nor timely remove the PR into 0 Links, because this is a temporary, if you go to one time too many links, but will affect the ranking of the site itself.

although some stations into a 0 PR, but in the top ranking of Google did not change, which is even more proof that the PR is not the site of the Qing Dynasty was cited as punishment for cheating.

welcome to communicate with me, Admin5 starter, forwarding, please indicate the source!

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