Ming Chi Cup the first Dalian Web Alliance billiards game exciting finish

from Dalian Ming Chi technology company title, sponsored by Dalian website alliance, Dalian channel network and English billiards club organized the Ming Chi Cup "the first Web Alliance pool wonderful collection, from Dalian new way holiday owners get the championship. Participate in the competition of Dalian website: Dalian news network, high-end Japanese, Japanese, Dalian online site navigation, models of Dalian network, Dalian short message network, Dalian guest media, Shengshi advertising, Dalian Yellow Pages Network, and Ya forum, Shengshi campus advertising and 365 classified information network, Dalian network, Dalian training channel now, even the enterprises online, 521 recruitment network, Dalian network, Dalian love dating for it, and Ya Animation Forum, mansion, Xiaguang homes, Dalian wedding, Longbang SMS network, large entertainment network, the new Dalian transit network, business network, large holiday and many other webmasters to participate in this event. Through the game not only to promote the friendship of the webmaster, more important is to promote the cooperation between the website. Dalian website alliance management staff said: "events like this we will continue to do the same, we will according to the operation of Dalian website held a number of lectures, guide people to operate the site with scientific knowledge and rational method. Also hope that more Dalian site to join in, through our joint efforts to make Dalian’s Internet environment more pure, more close to people’s lives, contribute to the development of the Internet in Dalian."


the first day of the game, to participate in the pool of Dalian website panorama


site publicity picture, with the team member website of Dalian website LOGO display posters.


"Ming Chi Cup" the first Dalian website alliance billiards tournament scene display banners.


"Ming Chi Cup" the first Dalian website alliance billiards tournament scene display banners.


Dalian love

friends network (www.dllover.com): CEO Yunfeng Liu




Dalian car network www.dl-cm.com.cn CEO:BETTA


long text message mass network CEO: Miki fruit


www.365fenlei.com CEO: Ma >

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