Micro blog users to break through the eighty million portal users gathered by the brand

every day to come up with a mobile phone, enter dozens of words to describe their feelings and the occurrence of things around and then published in their own micro-blog has become a lot of people’s habits. Recently released Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2010 "new media blue book" shows micro-blog domestic business development very fast. According to data released by iResearch, micro-blog service since its launch in the coverage of the number of user access number, user browsing and user browsing time have maintained rapid growth, in May 2010, the number of monthly coverage of micro-blog’s services has reached more than 8065 people, more than 16.6% growth ring,

micro-blog users rapid growth of

micro-blog heat is difficult to stop, the release of record highs, why micro-blog in such a short time can quickly fire up

Internet expert Liu Xingliang said that the reason for the micro blog quickly became popular about four: the first is the "zero time" provides a new space to meet the individual pieces of the talk and communication; second is to achieve organizational information; thirtieth fragmented information can be gathered to say; and finally everyone is the driving force the dissemination of information. Four points together, is convenient and fast two points. In this era of increasingly fast pace of life, speed is the biggest commanding heights of information providers compete". The speed of this, micro-blog has been at the forefront, because it broke the original "information media audience" chain, directly to the "media" replacing more timeliness "media", greatly facilitate the collection and dissemination of information.

at the same time, micro-blog user’s language is relatively simple and casual, in fact, the characteristics of the update is also more in line with the rapid pace of modern life, so that people communicate more closely. It can be said that micro-blog services can not only express themselves as a blog, but also has some of the functions of social networking SNS maintenance.

into an important information release platform

South Africa World Cup heats up micro-blog. According to micro-blog founder Twitter statistics, in a stadium in South Africa, each scored the ball, it will trigger a wave of Twitter. Weekdays, Twitter per second, the number of micro-blog is 750, while the Japanese team scored a goal with the Cameroon team, Twitter micro-blog’s number of up to 2940 per second.

2006, the emergence of Twitter will bring people into a more free and open, interactive micro-blog world. Currently, Twitter average daily traffic has nearly 20 million people, nearly 40 million users. Twitter’s great success has attracted many domestic manufacturers force micro-blog. Portal is one of the main representatives.

according to Sohu Sports Center blog editor Guan Yang introduced during the world cup, just 15 days time, Sohu micro-blog new registered users has exceeded the previous 10 times. Guan Yang said that due to the constraints of time, space and terminal, micro-blog truly achieved all-weather, large amount of information, live >

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