Phpwind V8 similar appearance is not the same change


"phpwind V8 never stop" means persistence and concentration, but also means constant change and innovation. Phpwind V8 will be another milestone in the transformation of phpwind v7.5. This milestone is not only the transformation of phpwind itself, and even become the impact of the Internet’s general software industry, and even the shape of the community and even business operations change……

wants to know what’s going on in phpwind V8?…… Let ‘make a cup of tea slowly to:

: the first change

brand writingPhpwind changed from PHPWind to

. A friend said "if not all lowercase style" can be said "all lowercase touts lighter, such as wind and agile." At the same time, 1+N single core multi-mode product architecture will be further in the phpwind V8 to more flexible support for different operations and marketing needs, such as real estate module products. (real estate product experience tiyan.phpwind., net)

second: slogan slogan change

from "let the community more value" to "make the website more valuable," represents the focus of phpwind not only with the design and development of community products, but also pay more attention on the basis of site operation and marketing business, to provide more customers for the product module, achieving complete new community the platform system, fully support the business development of the website of different.

third: product design to a higher level

community product design, does not lie in the integration or integration, but not in cross-border design, these are just the product performance of the user experience design. The core is: how to put the source in the same starting point (i.e. members) of different products (posts, logs, pictures, video and behavior) by two latitude clues (category and relationship) spread out, so as to realize the efficient community information dissemination, the community of all the elements for an adhesive.

said a lot of things on the design idea, may give you some foggy. Some of it revealed a spy, for everyone to snack……

interactive design of new messages in the center of the home page


I’m glad to say a little more today. For this break! Phpwind V8 for more information, please pay attention……

phpwind V8 similar performance is not the same as the core, it is worth looking forward to!

love accounted for domain feeds


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