Million digital domain name 55 com push push to buy navigation

March 18th news: it is reported that after the digital domain king enabled launch group purchase website, the day before another domestic boutique digital domain name also officially opened on-line launched 55 group purchase platform.


May 2010, domain was domestic investors for 200 thousand euros, about RMB 2 million high successful overseas acquisitions, in January this year, the digital domain has been enabled to launch 55 city of Haikou community platform. is a registered domain name in the domestic seniority domain name, the domain name registered in May 1998, has been 13 years of history has been registered, the domain name renewals to May 2019, the current holders of information display for domestic investors Luo Qinqin (luo  Qinqin) held 55 other related suffixes are registered, the current site has an online group purchase website, group purchase service packages offer a variety of delicacy.

group purchase website more and more attention to the layout of the domain name strategy, now the group purchase website will also be easy to remember and easy to spread the digital domain into the domain name strategy consideration, application of digital domain name king and boutique digital domain, to inject new elements group purchase website.

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