Fierce business development of third party logistics logistics real estate hot rise

recently, the Jingdong announced the launch of "6· 18" promotional activities, and will move toward the end user issued 1 billion yuan scale envelopes; Gome online subsequently launched the "battle 32 days" of the electricity supplier promotional activities, which claims to provide users with an online shopping appliance of the year’s biggest Carnival; boasted to kick 6· 18, and compared with the June promotion roadmap of the Jingdong; Tmall, shop No. 1, Amazon, and many other well-known electricity providers are eager to join the fray…… The electricity supplier war in June triggered at any moment.

domestic storage construction lag

last year electricity supplier in double 11 "war front, but the shopping spree is brought a lot of logistics distribution complaints. Insiders pointed out that in recent years, the development of domestic logistics warehousing construction has lagged behind the logistics needs of the electricity supplier. According to the China Warehousing Association, by the end of 2012, the total amount of storage facility supplies in the country is 698 million square meters, of which only 14 million square meters high standard warehouse, accounted for only 2%, and in a state of full rent. For the rapid development of the electricity supplier giant baby ", is undoubtedly an utterly inadequate measure.

is the world’s largest industrial real estate developers Papadopoulos research shows that during 2008-2012, every increase in the development of electronic commerce in Europe leading Britain, Germany and France’s electricity supplier sales of 1 million euros, will bring about 72 thousand square meters of new storage requirements.

domestic electricity supplier companies have clearly recognized the urgency and necessity of the construction of logistics warehousing market. In May last year, the electricity supplier giant Alibaba announced the creation of rookie network, intended to open up the country’s logistics and distribution center network, and actively take all over the country, the current footprint has been basically all over the country’s major cities. At the same time, the Jingdong store, Amazon, Suning and other commercial giants have announced in the country to set up the direct self built logistics center. Earlier this year, Tencent shares of HK $1 billion 500 million stake in South China shook the electricity supplier and the real estate sector two……

industry believes that the future of e-commerce logistics and warehousing facilities demand will continue to increase. On the one hand, the trend of the electricity supplier giant self built logistics will continue; on the other hand, the medium and the size of the electricity supplier companies will increase the demand for public logistics warehousing lease.

third party logistics rapid rise

Ellis, senior director of China industrial and logistics service department director Luo Jin believes that although Jingdong and other business tycoon is increasingly determined to choose self built logistics, but the current e-commerce market several dominant market pattern, self logistics with difficulty, the knowledge reserve and enterprise required capital input and time cost, take logistics human resources, have become a self built logistics business enterprise to moderate scale barriers. In this context, for the medium and below scale electricity supplier companies, as well as eager to expand the market share of the electricity supplier platform, the socialization and specialization of the third party logistics has become an inevitable choice.


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