How to make the site’s users loyal supporters

almost all of the industry, so that customer satisfaction is the most important, the site is the same, you want more people to use your product or service, and put them into FANS. supporters, these supporters, FANS is extremely loyal users. They will not be able to resist the temptation of your competitors, and will promote you. These supporters are a non paid promotion team, they are a huge driving force for the continued growth of your site visits.

so, how to make your site to get more user support! According to Gallup’s principle of customer demand, the most important thing is to fully grasp the needs of users. Various types of user needs, but there are four kinds of demand is surprisingly similar, these four needs are hierarchical, only a low level of satisfaction after the meeting, the user will turn to senior expectations. Below I put these four expectations from low to high, tell everyone to make your site users become supporters, must do!

first, users expect accurate. For example, users want the site to provide accurate product information, quotes can be close to the market price, so that buyers can have a reference. Baidu users want to search the content accurately, will not find out the west. Dangdang network users want to mail home products is their own products ordered. If a site is not accurate, no matter how gorgeous, how easy to use, users will have to leave.

second, convenient. If it is a shopping site as much as possible to buy a little less steps. As far as possible with less than the teaching of the user to click on any page, increase the station search function, allowing users to easily find the required content, site navigation, search engine appears to confirm the importance of convenience.

for the above two aspects of the needs of a few points, on the one hand, these two requirements are relatively easy to meet, generally through technical or specific steps to solve.

on the other hand, this program is easy to copy, HAO123 was acquired by 50 million BAIDU, a large number of competitors, and looks similar to the basic, and some have done a good job. Seize the site navigation is not a small market share. Watercress appears to make a large number of sites to copy its model. Any meet these two low levels of demand plan, regardless of how the initial novelty will soon fall from the competitive advantage for you.

also is the most important, to meet the level of demand, to prevent the user is not satisfied, because users do not send goods Dangdang is the goods ordered and praised, not because the NetEase news accurately and around. Accuracy is expected, the user will only be content when you do not complain about the content.

is undoubtedly accurate and convenient, can not meet these two requirements will fail, just to meet these two requirements to make your users into FANS, you only go half.

the following two expect you to do

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