P2P net loan of ten years of War accelerated shuffle platform or reduced to 1000 below

recently, Chinese CBRC held in 2017 the national banking regulatory work conference, meeting the strict rule of Internet financial risk is mentioned again, the rectification of the future will focus on promoting the credit risk P2P network.

from the beginning of 2007 into the country, to 2016, the year of regulation, P2P net loan in China has entered its tenth year. During the period, P2P has been public blitz, capital chasing; but also suffered a total negation, is not worth a penny down.

last August, the Interim Measures for the management of network lending information intermediary business activities, introduced in order to avoid a greater impact on the net loan industry, made a transitional period of 12 months. Today, nearly half of the transition period, compliance has become a mandatory standard, the number of net loan industry operating platform for 5 consecutive months of decline, while the size of the platform also showed a more obvious trend of differentiation.

shuffle acceleration: the platform will be reduced to 1000 following

since April last year, the State Council issued the Internet financial risks special rectification work program, as one of the Internet banking industry, P2P net loan industry has become the focus of regulation of remediation.

after rectification rectification to further clarify the details of the operation, in August, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other four ministries issued the "Interim Measures" business management information network lending platform through intermediaries, required to take self correction, rectification, classification and disposal measures during the transition period, to promote and regulate the development of institutions.

recently, some media reports, a number of P2P net loan platform has received rectification notice, and requires a deadline for rectification. Among them, the transfer of creditor’s rights business, the concentration of loans, as well as the limit, the problem of capital management has become the focus of on-site supervision departments around the inspection.

According to the "

P2P network lending risk special rectification work plan" requirements, before the end of January 2017, the provincial people’s government to deal with the inspection, investigation and rectification of summary, report submitted to the cbrc. China Banking Regulatory Commission will be based on the situation, the formation of a comprehensive report on the work of norms, submitted to the Internet financial risk rectification work leading group office.

for the net loan platform, the progress of compliance in the slowest pace, the most difficult problem is the capital depository. Net loan home according to incomplete statistics, as of the beginning of December 2016, P2P net loan industry, a total of 74 platform on-line bank depository system, accounting for only 2.92% of the normal operation of the platform.

president of the association of Internet Finance in Guangzhou, Guangzhou e loan president Fang Song said that in the entire net loan industry more than 2 thousand P2P platform, the real line of bank depository system platform, but about 100, accounting for less than 3%.

in fact, there is news that "network lending funds depository business guidelines (Draft)" has been officially finalized, only one party depository platform. Fund management can be strict management of the customer’s funds and real-time monitoring, reduce the misappropriation of funds

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