WeChat will open a number of public promotion function is currently in public beta

A5 (admin5.com) station network July 7th news, for the protection of users, advertisers and traffic on the main interests, WeChat will launch a number of public promotion function recently, before the date is in beta.

official said, through the WeChat certified public account can be directed into advertising, precision promotion; and during the beta, WeChat has a public number more than hundreds of thousands of users could become the main flow, providing ad can get income.

hand enterprise needs a hand large income, but also free to change the space construction, to rectify the WeChat content, this is the Tencent to do Avalokitesvara


promotion function and beta details are as follows:

1 advertisers can targeted advertising, precision promotion of their services.

WeChat certified public account can become advertisers, targeted advertising, precision promotion of their services.

ads will be displayed at the bottom of the public account graphic message, in the form of text links.

advertisers can create and manage advertising.

advertisers can view the effect of advertising.

advertisers can view financial data and recharge.


2 traffic can provide advertising display, monthly income.

concerned about the number of users during the beta of more than 100 thousand public accounts could become the main flow, provide ads to earn income.

traffic can view the main advertising display.

traffic can add advertiser blacklist and turn off the flow switch.


traffic can view financial data.


WeChat public platform to promote the function of Q& A

Q: what is the advertiser, what is the traffic master


A: advertisers for advertising public account operators. Advertisers can function to different gender, age, region of WeChat users to promote their own services, in order to obtain potential users.

traffic is the main advertising display public account operators. Can be voluntarily assigned to the location of the public account to advertisers as an advertising display, monthly advertising revenue.

Q: under the beta version became advertisers and what conditions the main flow needs


A: WeChat certified public account can be applied for the opening of the service to become advertisers.

during the beta, concerns the number of users more than 100 thousand of WeChat’s public accounts to provide ad services, become the main flow.

Q: when can release the next beta version > application?

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