The same way network ten years from hukouduoshi to Salman


Wu Zhixiang is a forgetful man, two months, two large conference, he took a photo of the establishment of the company 14 years ago, when only four of them partners, when moving, on a tricycle, mounted above the two or three computer.

ten years later, the company built the building, has 5000 employees, has received two times the $1 billion investment in the Tencent, and shortly before the industry leader Ctrip aventure, and within two years will be independent of the market.

May 9th, in Beijing, Wu Zhixiang took the company founding partner, launched the smart box office system, on this day, he learned from Peng Zhijian, vice president of Tencent in the first time, the same way network is the Tencent invested in the project, one of the most concerned five projects for Ma Huateng.

if the time reversal, this moment of fast Wu Zhixiang said, if not in April 19th, he did not know the same way network can boil? I thought, Wu Zhixiang think this is perhaps more God helps those who help themselves.

and Ctrip love and hate

What happened to

in April 19, 2014 when he killed his eyes and got together?

May 9th, held wisdom at the box office, the same way network system in Beijing conference, from this April 19th, suddenly Ctrip $200 million stake in the same way far less than in January, the same distance, in April 10th, the same way network and elong as the Second Corps reached a strategic cooperation against Ctrip, nor to January.

the day before, or shopping malls fighting on the opponent, can shake hands today.

however, in any case, April 19th, for Wu Zhixiang is too important, Wu Zhixiang to the science and technology NetEase memories, no matter how, Ctrip shares to make him feel can be a little relieved, "at least not with Ctrip hit, but only 50 million cash account, if you continue to play, how to do with the way


April 10th, the same way network with elong online travel companies for the second camp signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides exclusively open to each other their own core resources, which is interpreted as the market, Ctrip and where to mergers and acquisitions under the rumors, the second Legion Baotuan combat.

and in the evening the same day to fly back to Suzhou on the road, Wu Zhixiang received a message from Ctrip executives, Ctrip proposed the two sides can meet to talk, and hope that Wu Zhixiang arranged in the high-speed road in the vicinity of the hotel, scheduled in April 19th.

let Wu Zhixiang feel somewhere own arrangements, and finally agreed to negotiate with the hotel Ctrip and elong Hotel negotiations belong to one, and the wedding is being held at Suzhou Metropark Hotel, Wu Zhixiang feeling is: is a major event in


Ctrip Ctrip is led by CEO Liang Jianzhang COO and CSO Wu Wenjie, Sun Jie, aspects of the same process is the four founders, including Wu Zhixiang Liang Jianzhang, the first sentence is asked: you are four.

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