Vip com tonight the United States depository 1 shares of the demolition of 10 the stock changed to 1

[TechWeb] November 3rd news, Beijing time tonight, U.S. stocks opened, will take a new U.S. depositary shares and ordinary shares exchange ratio. announced in early October November 3rd, the implementation of the new American Depositary Shares (ADS) and the common stock exchange rate information, specific changes to the original, each ADS represents 2 ordinary shares of the exchange rate change to 5 shares representing 1 ordinary shares of ADS. implementation of the new ADS and common stock exchange ratio, equivalent to the ADS was 1 split 10, which means that the price per share of ADS will become the original $1/10.

to’s closing price of $229.29 on Friday, after the opening of the U.S. stock market in Beijing tonight, shares are expected to become a corresponding $22.929. implementation of the new ADS and common stock exchange ratio will not affect the total amount of common stock and the proportion of shareholders. (small peak)

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