2345 navigation 760 million sale of 38% shares of the buyer non nternet Co

[Sohu IT news] (Zhang Rui) August 12th news, has been rumored to have acquired 2345 of the acquisition of navigation, and finally A shares of listed companies to buy shares of the company’s shares to the price of 760 million yuan to buy shares of $38% in.

Zhejiang rich shares is an electric power equipment manufacturing and service company, in 2008 A shares listed. Zhejiang rich shares announced today announced the acquisition of this message, the announcement shows:

1 yuan by the Zhejiang rich shares and the controlling shareholder of Sun Yi jointly funded, Zhejiang rich shares invested not more than 650 million yuan, Sun Yi invested not less than $110 million, funded by cash.

2 after the completion of the investment, Zhejiang Fu shares and Sun Yi jointly held 38%, with the actual proportion of shares held by the chairman of the board Pang Shengdong and control the same as 2345.

3 to achieve the acquisition, Pang Shengdong made a commitment to performance: 2013, 2014, 2015 net profit of not less than 80 million yuan, 120 million yuan, 150 million yuan; if the 3 year cumulative net profit of less than 350 million yuan, Pang Shengdong will be compensated in cash.

4.2345 revenue last year was $139 million, net profit of $15 million 930 thousand in the first half of this year, revenue of 210 million yuan, net profit of $33 million 140 thousand.

5.2345 of

‘s products include 2345 site navigation, 2345 browser, 2345 software Daquan, good compression software, 2345 king. Where the site navigation page is its main source of income.

6 as of July 2013, 2345 site navigation PC end user number of about 30 million, ranking in the industry of more than third, more than 10 million browser users, good pressure over 130 million users.

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