SF do export business platform a coup with aliexpress fight

news August 25th, the SF electricity supplier layout and new progress, but this is not aimed at the domestic electricity market, but overseas buyers C end users.

learned billion state power network, SF has officially launched its export business platform selling Feng network, and for the first time today in Chinese public investment. The project is the first overseas SF business platform, currently only for the Russian electricity market.

in addition to their own mall and the local electricity supplier to do cooperation distribution


billion state power network from selling Feng Network official website has learned that at present, Feng selling network mainly covers the categories including clothing, shoes and bags, 3C, computer, electronic products, outdoor sports, beauty, mother and child, Home Furnishing gardening and auto parts.


Feng sell Russian official website screenshot

According to Feng

net sales staff said, Feng net sales as early as April of this year in Russia on the line, but after the platform only targeted investment, today officially open in China for investment, but the selling network and more than Chinese Feng to attract sellers on the platform there will be foreign brands of goods.

in addition, billion state power network discovery, at present abundant sell network in addition to Russian site, a English site, clearing the way for us. The above staff pointed out that the current English website is only available to customers to switch, the current selling network is only focused on the Russian market, but in the future will continue to open other countries site.

it is worth noting that SF export sales channels is not limited to sell Feng network. Billion state power network from domestic businesses sell Feng Network official website has learned that Feng network will not only sell through their own mall to Chinese sellers output overseas, but also with the local business enterprise cooperation, let Chinese sellers of goods distribution to other local business channel.

when Russian buyers order in different business on the site, the system will return to order all the data of SF, SF uniform and delivery. At present, the network has been sold with the Russian electricity supplier Ulmart cooperation to achieve export distribution functions.

is reported that, Ulmart was founded in 2008, headquartered in St Petersburg, is ranked first in Russia, the local electricity supplier website. 240 Russian companies around the city, there are more than and 400 points, a logistics center in the 32 City, Russia is the most perfect business platform and distribution system.

Feng selling network says, cooperate with Ulmart local mature business platform, in addition to the better understanding of the needs of local consumers, traffic will let Fung selling net export business is more stable, in order to ensure sales.

core in one stop service system

since the abundant network is sold through the multi site to do the distribution of Chinese sellers, the whole chain of the sale of the network is how to export it?



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