Those who broke the news rookie or 200 million wholly acquired Wuzhou Online

yesterday, the state power grid official WeChat account (iebrun) exposure of the rookie network intends to invest in the third party logistics provider Wuzhou online news. Subsequently, informed investors to disclose billion state power network, but not rookie investment, a wholly owned acquisition of Wuzhou online.

according to the investment person, Wuzhou online Agel Ecommerce Ltd has been sold to a wholly owned rookie, investor and founder of retreats. Valuation of about 2 hundred million yuan or so."

previously, billion state power network through online Wuzhou, employees and employees of the logistics industry have received different information, most are part of the investment to rookie negotiations, there are people that may be in the new company set up a joint venture with rookie, develop new business.

, however, from the latest news shows, between the rookie and the deal has been completed Wuzhou online. At present, the state power grid view Industrial and Commercial Bureau registration information, shareholder information structure Wuzhou online has not changed, still the three founders included CEO Liang Kai, and two corporate shareholders.

according to the sources, after Liang Kai quit in all the cash, will no longer Wuzhou online office, the previous investors will also exit in the rookie after the white. As for the future development direction of Wuzhou online is to draw a conclusion.

Wuzhou online from early a link generation transformation operators warehousing outsourcing service providers, once deployed warehouse in many areas, so as to realize the business in the distribution and distribution of multiple platforms, without the need for a docking.

But according to

billion state power network understanding, Wuzhou online had only won a $about 10000000 round of financing, the registered capital of 35 million 360 thousand yuan, but the investment in the warehouse and the human has been more than 1 hundred million.

"investors exit in a timely manner, to the existing assets of Wuzhou online, can have 2 hundred million valuation is not easy." The source said that after the Wuzhou online operation cost is very high, wuliuqianwan losses every year, the fixed assets of the more valuable is rented warehouse, there is a small amount of customer resources.

as for the outside world to discuss the rookie and whether the Alibaba become the disk access man mess ", the person reservations. Just said that the future integration of resources, and rookie Wuzhou agree without prior without previous consultation with the existing online time Jiancang strategy, but also retain the existing team after the acquisition, the short board can make the operating ability of rookie line.

According to former

Wuzhou online employee said the great adjustment Wuzhou online personnel structure, part of the district manager had left, from a peak of three or four people, now only about one hundred people.

is reported that Liang Kai after the cash, but also will give priority to shareholders. As for the future has not yet been finalized. Previously, Liang Kai in line billion state power network, said "not what to say".

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