Taohuawu mall to replace the new domain name to enhance brand effect and access speed

Taohuawu Mall (http://s.www.taohwu.com/) 6.24 news: for a website, the domain name is very important. First of all, the domain name is our main entrance into the site, in fact, on behalf of the Internet domain name brand image, easy to remember domain name is not only convenient for user input and memory, at the same time, close to the corporate brand image will also bring more effect on brand marketing.

for the convenience of people remember Taohuawu mall at the same time in order to provide more and better products and services to customers in Beijing, Taohuawu science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. Taohuawu mall’s website from June 2014 the full opening of the new domain, the new domain name is http://s.www.taohwu.com/. As long as we remember the Taohuawu mall Pinyin domain taohwu intermediate Hua less UA is easy to remember.

is now the original domain will have to stop using, in order to let the users can enjoy better service and experience faster access, so what, please use the new domain name updates favorites! If the majority of users in the domain name after the replacement of any open or slow access problems please contact us, we will in the first time to solve. Thank you!

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