Baidu launched Web site share button embedded service may add statistical code

June 7th, Baidu shared features on-line testing. This is a web address to provide collection, sharing and transmission of the WEB2.0 button tool, the site’s visitors can share to everyone, happy network, QQ space, Sina, etc.. Site owners can get JS code, embedded into their own website. China had JiaThis, bShare and other similar services.

Baidu wrote: by Baidu share button, your site will be more easily found on the web search engine Baidu, which has the opportunity to bring back more traffic from Baidu search. Through the Baidu share button, you can also follow free access to detailed statistical analysis of sharing, users will know what content on your site to share what SNS, what is the daily number of share, help you better tracking and analysis, to encourage users to share, bring more traffic to the site." This shows that the insertion of the share button at the same time it is possible to join the Baidu statistical code or advertising code.

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