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mobile phone China and vivo last year’s success so that the major Internet mobile phone brands are beginning to pay attention to the lower channel line, at the same time, the day with Dong Mingzhu on gambling online and offline a strong man seems to have been a sign of wavering. According to media reports, known as the king of retail line Darunfa parent company Gao Xin retail, was passed to negotiate cooperation with ali. It is reported that the cooperation will be closely related to Ma new retail layout.


A RT Mart supermarket, flying cow net and Auchan brand shop under

Gao Xin’s retail, is one of the continuous positive growth of enterprises to a few domestic traditional retailers, while its Darunfa is very few to maintain high frequency rather than crazy shop closed shop of traditional retail. In 2014, Darunfa launched a high-profile business platform flying cow network, but the development is not as expected.


Ali will acquire Darunfa

insiders said, "Ma in the new retail concept of temptation, try to cooperate with ALI, or will help the rich Gao Xin retail electricity supplier in the road go more smoothly. However, the current aspects of the Alibaba for the message is no comment".

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