Jingdong opened 1000 maternal and child experience store Specific planning full exposure

in March of this year, Jingdong in Beijing Tang Tang Plaza opened the first maternal and child experience store. The day before, sources revealed to billion state power network, in order to further cut the baby this big cake, Jingdong mall made concrete plans on maternal experience store project.


Jingdong confirmed this information, the relevant person in charge told billion state power network introduces some of the details of the project.

aims to open more than 1000 experience store partners

sources, Jingdong will be completed by the end of the beginning of the 1000 maternal and child experience store program, and exposure of the Jingdong before the meeting to show a few on the mother and child O2O project PPT. According to PPT information display, Jingdong maternal and child experience store also known as Jingdong partner, but also launched a shop renovation example.


Jingdong pointed out that the 1000 experience store is a magnificent vision and goals, the future will strive in this direction, and in a second tier cities and the common layout of the three or four tier cities.

Jingdong plans to open a second tier cities in the one or two representative of the mother and child experience store, Jingdong has a higher image requirements for these shops, and all the goods are in store Jingdong supply.

these second tier cities shop in a regular department store or shopping center opened. The Jingdong said, at present this super model most likely related to Yonghui cooperation, shelves and super complementary category. At the same time, the Jingdong to negotiate with maternal is still possible in the October mummy, October mummy line shop opened in the future counter maternal Jingdong.

in the three to six line city, Jingdong will open a small baby shop is similar in size to the individual line shop in the area less than 500 square meters, service to the community of consumers.

it is understood that the experience of these stores are divided into exclusive maternal and child shop, mother counters, several types of stores. Exclusive maternal and infant counters and all the goods are from Jingdong. The franchise is needed to meet the familiar maternal and child products, cable store operating experience, the financial strength of more than 5 million yuan, to complete an independent store location, decoration, ordering, operation and other aspects, and Jingdong willing to explore together online and offline marketing strategy etc..

pointed out that the Jingdong, Jingdong store experience no maternal outlets, all maternal shop ownership and management rights belong to their partners, Jingdong will be effective guidance to store operations in accordance with their own management mode, and licensed LOGO to partners.

Jingdong partner stores multiple functions

billion state power network to understand, the future is not only Jingdong maternal experience shop sellers, and to undertake six major functions: O2O experience store, marketing center, customer service center, mobile warehouse and distribution stations, since some.

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